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Why choose microblading

All types of clients are suitable for microblading

Microblading is perfect for clients who want to fully reconstruct, define or adjust the shape of brows, cover up gaps or add density to sparse brows.

  • Eyebrows totally frame the eyes and balance the facial features.
  • Eyebrows have the ability to completely change the way we look and how we feel about ourselves.
  • Everyones eyebrows are different. Even the pair you have are similar but not twins.

Have you lost your eyebrows or are they barely there? Are they flat, arched, sharp, straight, broken by scars, thick or bold brows. Do they need more definition or the shape altered? Or is it simply because you don’t like the shape of your brows?

It gives a lifting/anti-ageing effect on the eyes.

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Linda Webster is licenced by Angus Council to practice microblading