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Linda uses two different types of numbing creams. One to numb the skin prior to the treatment and another is used once the skin is broken to keep the area as comfortable as possible throughout. Most clients say that the discomfort it minimal and is easily tolerated. Obviously every client has a different pain threshold so it differs for everyone.

For the whole procedure to be completed it takes approximately 2-3 hours.

It takes 5-10 days for surface healing. However it takes a minimum of 28 days to see the final result of your eyebrow enhancement. Thinner or mature skin may take slightly longer.

Everyone is different. A lot depends on your skin type and aftercare. Oily skins do not hold the colour as well as drier skin types. You can expect it to last 12-18 months before you need a colour refresh but you may want it sooner or it may be longer.

The colour for you is chosen depending on your skin tone /Fitzpatrick score. Linda is trained to assess and determine the colour that is most complementary to your skin tone and type and can take into account your individual look when choosing a colour for you.

There are a lot of factors that need taken into consideration when designing brows. Linda will assess your face shape, bone structure and your own brows and together you will plan the best shape to complement and balance your facial features. The procedure will not be carried out unless you are both happy with the design.

The brows will be slightly red and puffy and may have a blanching around them. This is perfectly normal and the blanching will disappear in an hour or two. Be prepared for the colour intensity to be up to 50 % darker and the design significantly sharper after the treatment. This will gradually become much lighter and softer as the skin heals. Blood and lymph seal the skin and as it begins healing, small fine scabs will dry and flake off within about a week.

No it is not. Linda will work with what hair you have and if there are any hairs that need removed outside the design these can be removed.

No it will not affect the normal hair growth so maintenance is still required outside the design.

The design will be drawn on initially and you and Linda will need to agree on it before the procedure is consented for. It can be as natural or enhanced as you prefer. Its your choice. Linda will show you as she builds the brows so as to reassure you.

All hand tools and blades that Linda uses are sterile and one use only. Everything is disposed of after every client and the room is cleaned down with an appropriate disinfectant. Linda is used to working in a hospital environment so infection control procedures are second nature to her. Hygiene is a priority in her clinic.

During the procedure all infection control guidelines are adhered to so risk of infection is definitely minimal.and as long as you stick to the guidelines the risk would be very small.

For 5 – 7 days Linda advises the eyebrows to be dry healed. They will form very fine scabs which will flake off.

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